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School Prefects

At John Burns we believe that prefects have a very important role to play in the day to day organisation of our school and as only Year 6 pupils are allowed to apply for this position, it is considered to be very prestigious.  

Prefects are, in a sense, junior members of staff and are expected to take their role seriously.

The position not only allows the Year 6 pupils to lead by example and demonstrate their responsibility, it also enables the younger children to learn from a good example.

Every prefect has to apply for the job and their applications go through a selection process. Whilst the School Council members are chosen democratically by children, the senior staff identify and encourage suitable children to apply for a prefect position.

Once their application has been successful, prefects are awarded badges in a whole school assembly and also given a prefect badge to wear.

John Burns prefects must lead by example at all times in their behaviour, the respect they show to others and their school uniform. They take on many roles and have many responsibilities, such as:

  • Helping to set up the hall for assemblies and managing the audio and visual features in assemblies
  • Contributing to the school newsletter
  • Encouraging children to walk up and down the corridors and stairs calmly and quietly
  • Working with classes during wet break times
  • Showing visitors around the school
  • Opening and closing school community events, e.g. Harvest Festival/Prize Giving Evening
  • Assisting with PTA events
  • Improving the school grounds and recycling
  • Helping in the dining hall

Pupils from Year 6 may be added to the current group of prefects as the year goes on, the list is never closed.

The Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl meet with the Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher regularly to discuss school developments.

The Year 6 class teacher works with the Head Boy and Head Girl to timetable prefect responsibilities. 

The Prefect Team is as follows:

Head Boy – Tyler Pierre Brown

Hello my name is Tyler and I joined John Burns when I was 4 in the Reception class. Now I am 10 years old and I am proud to be the Head Boy and part of the Prefect community. I can now represent the school and the school’s values everywhere I go. The school has given me lots of support and a lot of opportunities. My favourite subjects are maths and English. Maths because it gives you difficult equations and it challenges your brain. English because I enjoy drama which teaches discipline and showcases your acting skills. If I could describe this school in one word it would be OUTSTANDING.

Head Girl – Sophia Izghouti

Hello, I am Sophia and I am 10 years old. I have been in John Burns for seven years and this is my eighth! My favourite lesson is maths as you have to solve different scenarios, computing as you get to code, which has enriched my computing skills, and art as you get to be creative.

I like to be active and play sports that teach me many skills. There’s one word that would describe John Burns, OUTSTANDING! I hope you found this interesting. Thank you.

Deputy Head Boy - William Burrows

Hello, my name is William and I joined John Burns in Reception when I was four. John Burns has given me a chance to learn as well as have fun.

My favourite subjects are computing, Design Technology and science. Science is the most important subject to me because my ambition is to be an Astronaut. My favourite hobbies are building Lego and playing video games with my brother. I also like to watch movies and relax.

I was very happy to be promoted to Deputy Head Boy from Prefect.

Deputy Head Girl – Noor Borhanjoo

Hello, I am Noor and I am 10 years old. I have been at John Burns for 7 years. This is my eighth year here. The only word that I feel best describes this school is OUTSTANDING. This school has given me a chance to excel in my education.

My favourite subjects are maths because it will always throw more and more challenges at me, Art, because I enjoy painting, and computing because I enjoy coding. I also enjoy spending time with my family in my free time. I’ve made many close friends here and the teachers are phenomenal. I hope you get to enjoy John Burns like I have.

Louie Gaughan-Reed

Hello, my name is Louie. I have been educated at John Burns since 2014. My family has a close connection with the school and my mum was an ex-pupil. My nan and aunt also work at the school. I am proud to be selected as a Year 6 prefect.

I am keen to help out around the school and really get involved in community events. I have two school value badges: Take Responsibility and Show Respect. I will be a good role model to the children at John Burns.

Kamila Abdirahman

Hello, my name is Kamila, I am 10 years old and part of the Prefect Team for 2021-2022. I joined John Burns when I was 3 years old. John Burns has given me many opportunities to learn and meet new people. My sister was Deputy Head Girl in 2013, this inspired me to try my hardest with my Prefect Application. My favourite subject is science as I’m interested in Medicine and Criminality. One day I would like to be a spy or a neurologist. Another exciting and enjoyable experience was the Littlehampton beach and Good to be Green which praises the students when good behaviour is shown. I hope you enjoy your school journey like I have.

Faraan Nasir

Hello! My name is Faraan. I am almost 11 years old. I joined John Burns in Year 5 during the Summer Term and I continue to give my best in every lesson.

Sometimes I got carried away but the teachers were always there to help me regain my focus. The teachers here deserve a lot of gratitude and I attempt to show this everyday. My favourite subjects are art, science, maths and PE because they all make me feel calm and focussed.

Lina Elmrabti

Hello, my name is Lina and in 2014 I joined John Burns in Nursery, when I was 3. I am proud to be a member of the Prefect Team because I can represent the school in many ways. I am able to share my thoughts to the school.

My favourite subjects at school are Maths as we get to have fun challenges and fun activities. I also like art since we get to use art tools along with Design and Technology. I am looking forward to working with the Prefect Team throughout 2021-2022.